Send us your tracks and download ready mix from our server.

Technical Guidelines

Delivered tracks should be in WAV or AIFF format and the quality at least 24-bit / 44 kHz. All the tracks must have the same starting point for synchronisation. All files must be of the same duration, sample rate and bit depth. Each track should be adequately described /called (e.g. kick, snare, hh, bass, guitar, synth etc.). Before bouncing/exporting tracks make sure that there is no processor, especially the limiter, compressor or equalizer on the master bus/master fader . The tracks cannot be clipped or distorted, they should be edited, tuned and prepared for the final mix – otherwise, we will charge you additional fees.

Your suggestions, ideas and reference songs are welcome – they will help us to get the sound you look for. If it’s possible, please send us your rough mix. Please make sure that no track is missing, all of them are adequately prepared and bounced according to technical guidelines. We don’t mix any additional tracks to the already finished mix. Corrections to the mix are introduced at once.

As a result, you receive:

  • Final mix in wav format 24-bit / 44kHz (ready for mastering)
  • Final mix in format 16 bit/44 kHz (for listening)
  • Mix stems that is the track divided into mixed and printed layers such as drums, bass, synths, guitars, vocals ...
  • Acapella and instrumental version of the track.